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Clete Ring and Sons

Clete Ring and Sons

Faust pictures contributed by Daniel Traverso

(Daniel is a relative of Tony Faust)

Faust Bros.

Pictured are the Faust Brothers during Christmas of 1943. Tony and family are from Galveston, TX

Faust Bros.

Anthony "Tony" Faust was a radioman 3rd Class aboard the Gambier Bay the day she was sunk. Survivors told his twin brother (In Army uniform.) that Tony was on duty when the radio room he worked in took a direct hit and all inside were certainly killed instantly.

Tony's death hit the family and his twin brother hard. The youngest brother, Donald, currently lives in Texas (3/8/2006)

Osterkorn pictures contributed by Tom Ahlfeld

(Nephew of E.A. Osterkorn)

Edwin Osterkorn

Lt. Edwin A. Osterkorn
(Uncle Tony)

On the back of the photo lists:
Budd, Fricks, Jones, Becker, Piotrowski, Athi, Custer
bottom: Carroll, Whitcomer, Feldmeyer, Frank and E.A.Osterkorn (Tony)

Edwin A. Osterkorn with his (Aunt) Tante Anna and Uncle Walter Dreyer during a Christmas Photo.

Brown Family Photograph


The Brown Family

Frank, Clarence, Roy, Vern, Murray and Dad
(Murray served aboard ship.)