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From the Men of the Gambier Bay...In their Own Words

Many of the men rescued after the events of the Battle at Leyte Gulf would have been listed as missing in action if not for the courageous efforts of the Task Unit 78.12. Their efforts during the dark of night in waters hiding enemy submarines to rescue the survivors of the USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73), USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), USS Johnston (DD-413), and USS Hoel (DD-533) were some of the most courageous efforts of the war at sea. With search lights glaring and open communications coordinating the rescue, they were sitting ducks for the enemy.

Those who were rescued express their never ending thanks to the men of Patrol Craft PC-623, PC-1119, Landing Craft Infantry (Rockets) LCI-34, LCI-71, LCI-337, LCI-340, LCI341, and all others who participated in the operation.

During the battle and hours afterward, the Japanese Imperial Navy Cruisers Chikuma and Chikoi were sunk. The events surrounding their demise is somewhat uncertain. An effort is currently underway to obtain information to document the events leading to the destruction of the vessels and what happened to the men aboard those ships.

In their own words, below are the accounts from survivors of the USS Gambier Bay and VC-10.



Vernon Carlsen

Deck Log - USS Shaw

Deck Log


William. McClendon

Air Department

Bishop Hobbs
Joseph Brown

Michael Towstick
Louis Vilmer
James Ball
Charles Heinl

Aviation Ordinance

Wm Kroger
William Cordner

Electrical Dept.

Lt (jg) Lynch
Adam Kanaskie

Andy Judd
Wayne Galey
Floyd Green

Earl Bagley by T. Montague


FJ Mallgrave
Donald Topczewski


Communications Dept.

Marshall L Mitchell
Herman W.Privette, Sr


Published Articles

Bagley Earl Bagley

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Huxtable Edward Huxtable

Read an article about
 VC-10 Commander  Edward J. Huxtable Jr. By Cindy Hayostek of the  Daily Dispatch in Douglas,  Arizona.


No Image Available Michael Towstik,

flight mechanic aboard the Gambier Bay is honored as Veteran of The Week . Read the article as it appeared in The Staten Island Advance on Saturday, December 22, 2001.

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